Photo book "Remembered Senses"

I am really pleased to announce my first photo book "Remembered Senses". This book will be released in conjunction with my photography exhibition "Remembered Senses", which will be held from June 17 to 23, 2022 and includes all the works shown in the exhibition, works that could not be exhibited and unreleased works. 

The specifications of this book are as follows

Paper:217μm art paper/ 64 page
Finish:Hard cover

You can choose two editions to choose from "LIMITED EDITION" or "EXCLUSIVE EDITION". 

"LIMITED EDITION"  ¥7,000 (Domestic incl tax & shipping)

The Limited Edition will be available in limited quantities and will be sold out when the scheduled number of copies is reached.

"EXCLUSIVE EDITION"  ¥10,000 (Domestic incl tax & shipping)

The Exclusive Edition will be released in a limited number of 50 copies and will include one A4 print of the work displayed at the photo exhibition. As for the Exclusive Edition A4 prints, I will email the buyers after the photo exhibition is over, so you can choose the print you want. Please note that the certificate is not included in this A4 print.

The books will be sent out sequentially after the photo exhibition is over.